Get ready to shake the foundations of convention and disrupt a market with breakthrough products that could one day replace cigarettes. We are overhauling our multi-billion dollar business through a massive program of R&D, innovation and business transformation. For you this offers international opportunity and a fast-track to your career goals. Join Philip Morris UK & Ireland and dare to venture on a bold new course.


Evolv is a fast-track Commercial Graduate program based in the UK that is designed to challenge and develop you, both personally and professionally.

We’ll engage and expose you to real business challenges and provide you with access to each business function and our Leadership Team from day 1.

This is the start of your career in management.

To be successful in this program, you need to be:

·       Open to change

·       Results driven and hands-on

·       Entrepreneurial in spirit and innovative

·       Commercially astute

·       Strong analytical and problem solving skills

·       Good communication skills

·       Drive to succeed

·       Agile and adaptable


As for the rest? To qualify you have to graduate (Bachelor’s or Master’s) in 2019 or 2020 with at least 2:1. We’re not hung up on what subject your degree is. It’s your passion and drive that’s going to win us over. 


Gavin - Evolv 2018

“We support each other especially with things we’re not so strong in – but with the help we get, I’m feeling more confident now”


Lisa - Evolv 2018

“All the support we receive is really good and it’s always constructive and developmental. I feel great as we’re appreciated and valued by the business for what we do and we get real responsibility so early on. We’ve been here less than 2 months.”


Sandra - Evolv 2018

The transformation itself is exciting and to be part of that makes you feel like you can really make a change!

Katy T - Evolv 2018

“What first attracted me to Evolv is that it was an opportunity to learn the whole business before committing to a specific career.”

Hani - Evolv 2018

“They really make you feel empowered and encourage you to try new ideas at Philip Morris. Everyone is very genuine and really eager to give us the time and tools to help us succeed.”

Hani, Sandra & Katie - Evolv 2018

“We’d describe the Evolv program as Fast-paced, Challenging, Engaging and Empowering”



We want to give you the opportunity to really understand our business and learn how business works through three different assignments. We believe each graduate is unique, so we’ll tailor your development and experience around your career aspirations.

To really support you throughout your induction and Evolv program, you’ll be paired with a mentor and buddy within the business who will support you along the way. Your Program Manager will also support your development and progression whilst you’re on the program. 

Best of all, it’s permanent from day 1 and if you successfully complete the program, you could be on track to earn up to 50k.


We have an exciting and thorough induction at Philip Morris planned for you. You’ll get the opportunity to learn about us and engage with experts from across our whole business, including our Leadership team. You’ll work with us on a range of real business challenges, where you can provide your ideas and input to help us move closer to achieving our vision. You’ll even get the opportunity to visit our global HQ in Switzerland and another market.

1st Assignment

Your first opportunity to gain real experience and have real responsibility. You’ll be working within the Commercial departments where you’ll be exposed to our customers and consumers first hand. We want you to really understand how we put our consumer at the core of everything we do.

  • During the induction you’ll learn about the commercial function
  • Shadowing our commercial teams during your induction
  • Understand how we measure performance and success
  • Real conversations and rapport with consumers
  • Real responsibility and objectives to deliver
  • Work directly with our consumers or retail partners
  • Understand the parameters in which we work
  • Learn from your peers, team and mentor
  • Reviewing your success/learnings/what you’ve delivered
  • Identify areas for development and how to achieve them
  • Understand how the commercial function work
  • Understand how each function collaborates to ensure commercial delivery
  • Learn the importance of compliance from a legal and ethical perspective
  • Enhance your entrepreneurial skills
  • Ultimately, learn how we do business

2nd Assignment

Understanding the business from a strategic point of view is really important to enable commercial delivery and success. We are a global business so really understanding how business works at this stage is important to building a successful career at Philip Morris. We'll align this assignment with your career aspirations.

  • Understand the business at a strategic level
  • Meet key stakeholders
  • Understand how we operate to deliver the best solutions for our consumer
  • Understand your role in delivering our strategy
  • Learn how an global business operates
  • You’ll be aligned to key business projects and priorities
  • You’ll be given clear objectives to deliver during the assignment
  • Gain strategic and holistic view of business
  • Learn about the analytical side of the business and how this influences business strategy
  • Work with and learn from experts across the business
  • Continually review and assess what you delivered
  • Identify way to elevate your development and experience
  • Understand how to make innovative business ideas in to reality
  • Bring together the experience and knowledge you’ve gained so far
  • How our business operates
  • How to apply strategy in a real business context
  • How you can impact a global business
  • Put forward your ideas to further enhance and improve how we work

3rd Assignment

Now you’ve got a broad understanding of our business and consumers, it’s time to develop your management skills. You’ll learn how to manage projects and people. We’ll discuss your career ambitions and the best placement for you within this assignment.

  • Dedicated training to learn about and develop managerial skills
  • Learning how to manage responsibility and take leadership
  • Manage projects or people
  • Use learnings from first two assignments
  • Take responsibility for ensuring high standard of delivery
  • Review your learnings from all three assignments
  • Hone your management experience
  • Prepare for your next role in the business
  • Management skills
  • How to take responsibility
  • How to bring all your experience together to successfully take the next step


We want you to feel good about working here. The financial rewards, the environment and training and development are all part of that.

      You’ll work hard. That’s why we want to reward you for a job well done. Packages include: Salary

  • Starting salary of £35,000 per year
  • Attractive benefits plan, including flexible working and private medical scheme
      Motivational leadership, international opportunities and remote working are just some of the ways in which we will support you. You’ll also receive first-class training and development to help you reach your potential. We focus on real challenges, on live projects. We then support this with mentoring and consolidate your experiences with training, so that every angle of your development is covered.    


Like what you’ve read so far? Then it’s time to find out what happens next.


Step 1 – Submit your CV

We have a simple 4 stage selection process to securing your place on our Evolv program. If you meet our minimum criteria, the first stage is to complete your details and submit your CV to us.

Stage 2 - Complete application questions

Once we’ve received your CV, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to a few questions we would like you to complete which will help us learn more about you and your career aspirations. We’ll send this within a week of receiving your CV, so if you can’t locate the e-mail, please make sure you check your spam/ junk mailbox incase our e-mail to you get’s sent there.

We can take some time to review all the applications, but you should hear if you’ve been successful to the next stage within 4 weeks of submitting your application questions.

Step 3 – Video Interview

If we really like what we’ve learnt about you so far, we’ll invite you to complete a video interview.

This is our chance to hear more from you and really learn about your motivations for applying to our program as well and understand what you hope to achieve if you’re successful.

We’ll be reviewing a lot of video interviews, but we want to take the time to ensure we review your video interview properly, so we ask you to bear with us as it can take some time. You should hear from us within 4 weeks of submitting your video interview.

Step 4 - Assessment centre

Our assessment centres are a great opportunity for you to get to know us and learn more about Philip Morris. It’s also a great opportunity for us to learn about your and see your real ambition and drive.

Our applications have now closed for the 2020 intake. Applications will re-open again in September 2020 for the 2021 Intake.

If you need help or require more information, please contact our Evolv team via e-mail